The Constitutive Conference was convened in Khartoum on 28-29th April 2013 with the participation of 45 political parties from 33 African Countries covering the five region of Africa as follows :-

n Region Countries Parties
1 South 3 3
2 Eastern 10 13
3 Central 5 6
4 Northern 6 12
5 Western 9 11
Total 33 45


Decisions of the Constitutive Conference in Khartoum:-

  • Adopted the Statute.
  • Decided that the Headquarters and Permanent Secretariat be in Khartoum –Sudan.
  • Adopted the final communiqué which included the aspirations of the Council and the plan of action.
  • Elected the leadership of the Council as follows :-
  • H.E. Wynter Kabimba – President (Zambia -Southern Region).
  • E. Redwan Hussien – Vice President ( Ethiopia- Eastern Region).
  • E. Ms. Maymona Fall – Vice President (Senegal -Western Region).
  • E. Abdel Hamid si Affif -Vice President (Algeria – Northern Region).
  • E.Dr. Everst Boshab – Vice President (C.D.R of Congo -Central Region).
  • E.Dr.Nafie Ali Nafie – Secretary General – (Sudan – Eastern Region).



2- The Governing bodies of the Council:-

  • The General Assembly, the Executive Committee, and the Standing Committee.
  • The Council is governed by the Statute adopted in the Constitutive Conference and the internal rules of procedure of the Executive Committee in its meeting in Lusaka in 18- 19th August 2013,and the rules of procedure of the permanent Committee adopted in the meeting of the in 21 – 23rd November 2013 in Ankara- Turkey.
  • The African political parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the African Union to strengthen cooperation in the fields of democracy and the rule of law, mediation and conflict resolution and monitoring elections.
  • The Council of African Political Parties has relations of cooperation with the International Council of Asian political parties (ICAPP), and The Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL) participate in their various Activities.


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