Meeting of the Executive Office of the Woman Wing of the CAPP

The 2nd meeting of the Executive Office of the Woman Wing of the Council of African Political Parties was held in Khartoum, Sudan during the period 13 – 15 April 2018 and was kindly hosted by the National Congress Party, Sudan. A training workshop was organized on the margin of the meeting to the leaders of Women Organizations in the African Political Parties.

The inaugural Session was addressed by Mrs. Gamar Habani , Secretary of the woman Secretariat at the National Congress Party, and after welcoming the delegations and guests to the session; she referred to the achievements of the Sudanese woman and her contribution at the Political, legislative and executive levels. She referred to the Training workshop in realizing the strategic objectives of the African Woman. The acting President of the Woman Wing Mrs. Annah Nyokabi  said in her statement that the role of the African Woman is deeply rooted in the African Communities which consequently led to her Political Participation and expressed the hope that the African Woman will make more breakthroughs in this respect. H.E. Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie   Secretary General of the Council of African Political Parties briefed the session on the establishment of the Council of African Political Parties and its auxiliary bodies and their role in realizing the objectives of the Council. He expressed confidence in the capacity of the African Woman and the need to support her in mobilizing her energy in the renaissance project in Africa and said the Council is keen to play its role in the capacity building of the African Woman.

The Session was concluded by the statement of the Guest of honor H.E. Ibrahim Elsanousi , Assistant to H.E. the President of the Republic. He said that the Woman is the basic partner on equal footing to the man and that she is not only qualified to compete on all Political and executive positions, rather she should be given priority to the man and for this purpose the African woman should struggle to grab her rights to gain the status she deserves in public life.

The meeting discussed the performance report of the Executive Office and decided to intensify the activities in the next phase. The meeting endorsed the organizational structure of the Executive Office and the Plan of action up to the 2nd meeting of the General Assembly of the Wing in August 2019.

The workshop was held in three sessions. The first was chaired by Mrs. Naha Bint Hamdi Ould Meknes , Minister of Commerce _ Republic of Mauritania in the presence of Mrs. Gamar Habbani , Secretary of Women of the National Congress Party in Sudan. The paper was presented by Dr. Lamia Abdel Ghaffar, Chairperson of the foreign relations department in the Woman Secretariat of the NCP, Ms Majuro Geres of the African Women’s association. And Ms. Jacqueline Benjamin of South Sudan commented on the paper. The paper discussed the sustainable political participation of African women.

The second session was chaired by Ms. Jayousi Melloua of Zambia, Deputy Chairperson of the Women’s Wing of the Council of African Political Parties. The session covered the experiences of political participation in Rwanda, Morocco and Ghana. The comment was made by Ms. Mariam Muhamata Demil from Chad.

The third session dealt with two experiences from Sudan, the experience of Sudanese women parliamentarians and the media experience in Sudan.

The leaders of women organizations in African Political Parties discussed with great interest in the three Sessions of the training workshop a conceptual paper on the sustained political participation of the African Woman, the realities of the Political Participation of the woman with study cases of four African Countries and the experience of the Sudanese Parliamentarians, the Sudanese Women in the media sector.

The delegations of the women organizations in the Political Parties paid a visit to the headquarters of the Sudanese Woman Association where they were briefed about the history of the Sudanese woman and her role in the community. The delegations also paid a field visit to Africa international University and were briefed of the role of the university in graduating over the years, qualified cadres from the African sister Countries in all scientific fields.

On behalf of participating delegations from African countries, Mrs. Naha Bint Hamdi Ould Meknes expressed her thanks and gratitude to the President of the Republic, H.E Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, for hosting this important meeting of the Woman Wing of the Council of African Political Parties

The delegations of the Women Organizations in the African Political Parties expressed due thanks and appreciation to the National Congress Party for the hospitality accorded to them and for the support of government and people of Sudan to the Council of African Political Parties.



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