Statement of H.E. the Secretary General to the inaugural session of the Media Forum

Distinguished delegates and observers to the constitutive meeting of the Media Forum

I have the honor, at the outset of my speech, to express due thanks and gratitude to H.E. IssoufouMahmadou, President of the Republic of Niger and to the Executive and political leadership of the Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism for hosting the constitutive meeting of the Media Forum of the Council of African Political Parties and for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to us since our arrival. I came to Niger in a visit about two months ago and I had the honor of meeting H.E. IssoufouMahmadou, President of the Republic of Niger and many senior officials. I also held meetings with more than forty leaders of representing leaders of political parties and youth organizations in Niger. All these meetings ascertained to me that the Republic of Niger is genuinely working to achieve national unity and stability and economic development thanks to the policies and efforts of the Government and political parties .In my name and on behalf of all participants we wish them every success.


Ladies and Gentlemen

The Council of African Political Parties is an African civil society organization established in 2013 in a conference with the participation of 47 African Political Parties .Today, four years after its establishment, the membership of the Council has expanded to almost all the African Countries through co-operation andco-ordination between the African Political Parties ,the Council acts as a vehicle to achieve African Solidarity , Unity of African peoples and the dissemination of the culture of peace , tolerance and democracy and supports sustained economic development , co-operation and regional integration. I am sure you agree with me that achieving these objectives on the ground requires auxiliary wings and organizations to work in the different domains .Accordingly and during the past four years, the General Secretariat of the Council established three auxiliary wings and organizations. They are the youth wing established inN’djamena in September 2014, the Women Wing established in Khartoum in August 2015 and the Economic Council established in Tunis in March 2017. Today and upon kind invitation of the Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism, the constitutive meeting of the Media Forum is held in Niamey.

The auxiliary wings and organizations enhance the common African action in the sectors of youth and women and these are extensive sectors that have unlimited impacts in the African Communities and attract the interest all over the world. This applies as well to the economy and today Africa is the focus of business opportunities .The same interest goes to the media especially after the revolution in the digital media which made the entire world a small village. The Council of African Political Parties can still establish additional wings and organizations to cover areas like social and cultural domains.


Ladies and Gentlemen

One of the exciting features of today’s world is the unprecedented development in the medium of communication and the progress in any domain whether political,economic,social or any other can only be achieved  through the mediums of communications ,and based on this fact the Media Forum derives its relevance and role to the Council of African Political Parties in its quest to achieve the objectives to which I referred earlier in my speech .Media is the medium though which we can disseminate democracy ,necessary to achieve stability in the continent and through the media we disseminate the culture of peace ,tolerance, solidarity and economic integration for the renaissance of Africa and the unity of its peoples using a joint network of African Media. It is hoped and even required that African media plays its role in assessing the foreign relations of Africa with other countries in the world to correctly introduce Africa instead of the negative perception regularly viewed in particular by the western media.The African Media shouldas well play its role in the reforms needed in the Regional and International Organizations so as to justly serve the interests of the peoples without hegemony or bias in the interest of certain countries.

The Media Forum is an organization for the media cadres of the African Political Parties to advance their profession though the updated technology and to discuss issues of interest to them and exchange their experiences and contribute their views on the issues of interest to Africa especially that they are attached to its peoples. The Council of African Political Parties looks forward to strengthen relations through the Media Forum with other Media Forums in other continents such as the Media Forum of the Council of Asian Political Parries and others.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This constitutive meeting will discuss and adopt the Executive Role of the Media Forum and will elect its Executive Office which represents all the Regions of Africa and will also elect its President and Vices- President and the rapporteur. Our program includes as well a round table discussion on an issue relevant to the media In Africa.

Our get together and meeting in Niamey, this beautiful and calm capital is a good omen for success to usand to Africa as a whole .All the best wishes for you and once more I thank the Republic of Niger ,H.E. President ,the Government and the Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism.


I thank you


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