The Council of African Political Parties is a non-governmental organization established by 47 African Political Parties in the constitutive conference held in Khartoum, Sudan on 27/28 April 2013.

  • The Objectives:-
  • The Council acts as vehicle of cooperation and coordination between the Political Parties.
  • Promote the culture of peace and the settlement of conflicts through peaceful means.
  • The fight against poverty.
  • Bodies of the Council:
  1. Standing Committee composed of 10 members + the President of the Council + Secretary General of the Council; the Committee meets twice a year.
  2. The Executive Committee, 30 members, old its meeting once a year.
  3. The General Assembly, conference is open to two Parties with the biggest representation in their Parliaments holds it’s meeting every four years.
  4. The General Secretariat is composed of the Secretary General, deputy S.G and four assistants:
  • Assistant to the S.G for the African Organizations.
  • Assistant to the S.G for the international and regional organizations.
  • Assistant to the S.G for the Parties and wings.
  • Assistant e to the S.G for the non-gouvernemental organisations.
  • The Secretariat staff.
  1. The regional coordination Councils .

Wings of the Council :

  • Youth Wing.
  • Women Wing.

Specialized branches :-

  • The Economic Council .
  • The Media Forum .

The International and regional relations the Council has cooperation with :

  • African Union .
  • Pan-African Parliament .
  • Council of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) .
  • the Latin American and Caribbean Political Parties (COPPPAL) .
  • UNESCO .
  • Climate and Ecological Alliance .



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