H.E Speaker of the National Assembly
Excellences Ministers and Ambassadors representing African Countries in Sudan
Excellences heads of delegation of African Political Parties and delegates
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is indeed, my rare honor and privilege to address this second meeting General Assembly of CAPP.
I would like, on the outset, to express, on my own behalf and on behalf of all delegates represented here our thanks and gratitude for our host, the National Congress party, the government and the people of Sudan for their sacrifice and warm welcome and hospitality they have always accorded to us and once more accepting the host this General Assembly.
Dear Guests,
Dear Sisters and brothers of this conference,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I wish to report that in the past three years since its inception in April 2013, the Council of African Political Parties has managed successfully to overcome some of its initial hurdles. We set up an effective General Secretariat that regularly implemented our plans, held meetings of bodies of CAPP and successfully established the Youth and Women Wings of the Council.

Today it is imperative to meet to consider which way to go. It is imperative because Africa is facing serious challenges and we, Political Parties, represent the grass roots of our various respective governments that we need to rally to achieve, not only political and economic emancipation, but also peace and prosperity in ever changing and complex circumstances.
Excellency Mr. Speaker
Excellences, distinguished delegates
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Standing and Executive Committees Considered and endorsed many decisions at the end of their meetings in the past two days on the Cooperation with UNESCO, the establishment of the Economic Council and the Media Forum of CAPP and the membership of the Council in the Environment and Climate Alliance.
On my own behalf and on behalf of this General Assembly, I commend their efforts in reaching consensus on these issues. In our meeting today as General Assembly we will discuss all the plans forwarded to us by the Executive Committee, and in accordance with the Statute of the Council of African Political Parties, we shall consider the proposed amendments to the Statute as approved and deemed necessary by Standing and Executive Committees to ensure wide representation for our Political Parties in the Bodies of the Council to achieve the objectives of our Council , together with the proposals on how the Secretariat and we as political parties should do to boost our participation and output.
I am confident that this General Assembly will take the appropriate decisions in order to make our Council effective.
Excellency Mr. Speaker of the National Assembly,
Excellences Ministers and Ambassadors Distinguished heads of delegations and delegates.
I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to once again thank our host and the Secretariat of the council for the warm welcome, hospitality and good arrangements of all the meetings and to wish you all wonderful stay in Sudan and safe return to your countries.

Thank You

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