Secretariat of the Council of African political Parties

The council looks forward to achieving the objectives set out in its statute this requires joint action all Africans such as hosting seminars and workshops to discuss issues of concern to Africa to achieve economic development, peaceful settlement of constricts and peace and security in Africa .
The Secretariat of C.A.P.P has the honor to give, through the following observations, examples of inter active joint action between the Secretariat and the political Parties.

Giving due attention to the participation in the conferences and workshops to which the political parties are invited. The Secretariat noted weak responses to participate in the invitation from the African Union, I.C.A.P.P and C.O.P.P.P.A.L and others. Most do not even acknowledge receipt of the invitation.
Honoring the financial obligations stipuled in Article(8) paragraph(3) of the statute of CAPP and the decision of the Executive Committee in its first meeting in August 2013 in Lusaka, Zambia. The contributions of all political parties. The Secretariat of CAPP made the necessary arrangements to facilitate the transfer of the annul crutributions and after three years not a single transfer received to data.
Participation in the missions and activities upon invitations from the Secretariat such as the Participation in the observation and monitoring of elections in Africa. The Secretariat requested, more than once, the political parties to nominate observers for elections in Africa to be trained and Union prior to including them in the observation mission of the African Union. No nominations received from any party to date.
Liaison with the Secretariat for responding to its communications. The Secretariat exerts considerable efforts to deliver letters and invitations to political parties. The difficulty is due to the frequent charges for the persons and the e-mail addresses without informing the Secretariat with the incoming persons and then contacts details. The Secretariat requests also to be informed soonest possible with the changes in the leaderships of the Political Parties and contact details of their offices to invite and consist with new party leaders.
The Secretariat invites Political Parties to regularly browse the website of the council and contribute their news, Videos and photos so that the Secretariat can post them on the website in the three languages to update other Parties on the News and activities of the council members.
There is real need to host conference and activities of the council and its wings. The Secretariat and political parties hope to be invited even on selective bases, to the general conferences of the political parties. The Secretariat faces real difficulties in hosting regular meetings of the council and its wings and their activities despite the communications and direct contacts with leaders of same political parties. The weak response to hosting meetings and activities results in their postponement to later dates.
The Secretariat is grateful to initiative of the Patriotic Front in Zambia for hosting the first executive committee meeting in August 2013 and to the Patriotic Movement for Salvation in Chad for hosting the constitutive Conference of the Youth Wing in Ndjamena in September 2014.

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