Structure of the Council of African Political Parties

Standing Committee of the Council of African Political Parties

  1. Ms. Rahmatu Tegani –  President of the Council (Nigeria).
  2. Hon. Richard Todwong – Vice-President of the Council (Uganda).
  3. Mr. Edson Macuaca – Vice-President of the Council (Mozambique).
  4. Dr. Elazami Elidrissi – Vice-President of the Council (Morocco).
  5. Mr. Koku Samuel Anyado – Vice-President of the Council (Ghana).
  6. Dr. Zakaria Mohammed Salih – Vice President of the Council (Chad).
  7. Hon. Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie – Secretary General of the Council (Sudan).
  8. Ms. Yamnia Abdelmagid – President of the Women’s Wing (Algeria).
  9. Mr. Idriss Kalakal –  President of  Youth Wing (Chad).
  10. Mr. Omer Belkhairia – President of the Economic Council (Tunisia).
  11. Mr. Kebede Kassa –  President of the Information Platform (Ethiopia).
  12. Mrs. Maymona Fall – Member (Senegal).
  13. Mrs. Jemma NunuKumba –  Member (Southern Sudan).
  14. Mr. Ferancis Stephen Mphepo –  Member (Malawi).
  15. Mr. Mahmata Maboudi –  Member (Chad).




Bodies of the Council

  • The General Assembly: is the supreme authority and convenes an ordinary meeting every four years. The mid –term meeting is after two years.
  • The Executive Committee: is composed of six representatives from each African region and convenes an ordinary meeting every year.
  • The Standing Committee: is composed of president, four Vice-Presidents and the Secretary General.

The Council is governed by the Statute adopted in the Constitutive Conference and the internal rules of procedure of the Executive Committee in its meeting in Lusaka in 18- 19th August 2013,and the rules of procedure of the permanent Committee adopted in the meeting of the in 21 – 23rd November 2013 in Ankara- Turkey.