Report on the 5th meeting of the Standing Committee Khartoum – 17th – 18th August 2015

List of Participants:-
H.E. Davis Chama – President of the Council
H.E. DR.Nafie Ali Nafie – Secretary General
H.E.MichlineColomba – Vice – President.
H.E.Yamenia Abdel Hameed – Vice- President.
H.E.MufrahatKamil – On behalf of H.E RedwanHussien.
H.E.HassanSyla -President of Youth Wing.
H.E.RehmatoTigani – President of Women Wing.
1. Performance Report for 2014 and first half of 2015.
2. Draft Amendments to the statute.
3. Establishment of an Economic Council.
4. Relations with the UNESCO.
5. Adhesion to the Climate and Environment Alliance.

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