African Youth Role in Development

This paper aims at indentifying the role played by African youth in development and studying the most significant challenges and impediments faced by African youth, so that the same can be able to play its comprehensive role in development to enable him to have constructive visions and ideas to design clear strategic plans and establishing Joint African Cooperative Projects ( Real developmental projects) in which all African youth can contribute significantly.                


The importance of this study, focus on problems and impediments faced by African Youth in meeting its commitments toward development, and to find a solution as well as strategic plans to activate the role of youth in development. The problem of the study found that , the role played by youth in development remains weak compared to other youth in the African continent.                                          

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African Youth Political Participation


Youth issues and concern is not  a local or regional phenomenon , but became an international phenomenon because youth are considered as partners of the present and a whole future, as they play a significant and distinguished role in supporting the march of the community as well as activating the comprehensive  developmental process in terms of growth and advancement.

Although youth issues, concerns, problems, orientations, and  appropriate solution were old attempts at least, However second mid of the  20 century witnessed  remarkable increase of concern by specialists like sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, social workers, youth sector  supporters until youth culture as distinguished one has emerge. And it became clear that, youth have their          thoughts, orientations, costumes, clothes, and special music that distinguish them from other categories .


United Nation General Assembly has defined in its youth declaration day in 1985, four key dimensions for youth participation as followings:-

Economic participation on opportunities. –

Political participation in decision making and power.-

-Community participation and voluntary work for serving community and developing environment.

– Cultural participation.

The African Community regarded as a young community where youth represent the bigger percentage in it. In  this regard, not less than 80% of these youth are not affiliated to any political party or group. And they don’t practice party policy even, despite that, the political awareness percentage among the youth remain high. And this will raise the question again why these competent youth who are able to give and take with this era are away from the scene and political parties’ activities and structures.

Therefore, this paper aims at studying the realty of youth political participation in Africa, as they are considered to be distinguished group, and believed to be have their perspectives and different political believes against their counterparts.

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