Report on the 5th meeting of the Standing Committee Khartoum – 17th – 18th August 2015

List of Participants:-
H.E. Davis Chama – President of the Council
H.E. DR.Nafie Ali Nafie – Secretary General
H.E.MichlineColomba – Vice – President.
H.E.Yamenia Abdel Hameed – Vice- President.
H.E.MufrahatKamil – On behalf of H.E RedwanHussien.
H.E.HassanSyla -President of Youth Wing.
H.E.RehmatoTigani – President of Women Wing.
1. Performance Report for 2014 and first half of 2015.
2. Draft Amendments to the statute.
3. Establishment of an Economic Council.
4. Relations with the UNESCO.
5. Adhesion to the Climate and Environment Alliance.

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Cooperation Agreement Project between UNESCO as First Party and Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) as Second Party

• Based on the common objectives of the two parties to work together to develop and upgrade the humanitarian communities (without discrimination), ameliorate their conditions, capacity building, and guarantee their basic rights in free and descent life.
• Appreciative of the common desire of both parties in cooperating and working together to realize these objectives:
The United Nations for Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) and the Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) agreed to enter into a cooperation agreement between them to reinforce collaboration and solidarity. The agreement includes the following:
Article One: The Objectives
1) Reinforcement of cooperation between the two parties to upgrade and develop mutual action.
2) Working together to upgrade and improve the status of humanitarian communities and ensure guarantee of their basic rights in free descent life.
3) Collaboration and working together to improve the communities in the black continent “Africa” and its promotion in all aspects.
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Statute of the Council of African Political Parties Amendments – 2015

• Inspired by the yearnings of the African peoples for greater unity and solidarity;
• Mindful of the aspirations of Africa’s founding leaders for the socioeconomic, cultural and political emancipation of the Continent;
• Cognizant of the need for Africa to mobilize all its economic political, cultural and institutional capabilities to confront prevailing challenges;
• Conscious of the central role of the political parties in the realization of Africa’s aspired goals and its renaissance.
• We, political parties in the African continent meeting in the Constitutive Conference in Khartoum – Sudan on 27-28 April 2013 hereby establish the Council of African Political Parties.
Article (1):
The Council of African Political Parties is a forum of political parties in the African Continent who have come together in unity for the objectives of achieving the goals of a prosperous and peaceful Continent.
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Council of African Political Parties CAPP Media Forum (CAPP/MF) Concept paper

The idea behind the establishment of the media forum of CAPP is based on the terms of reference of the Council of African Political Parties and similar experiences.
The terms of reference:-
The objectives of the Council of African Political Parties as stipulated in its statute require the establishment of the forum to:-
– Act as a vehicle for cooperation and coordination between political parties in the African Continent on all issues of mutual concern.
– To promote unity and understanding among the countries and peoples in the Continent.
– To promote initiatives, exchange of experiences, ideas and interchange of information among African Political Parties.
– To encourage and promote culture of peace, social and political inclusion and integration and tolerance.
– To create a conducive environment for the enhancement of regional cooperation and integration.
– To achieve these objectives and effective CAPP needs an active and effective media forum.
The Council needs a media forum to:-
– Make full coverage for its activities.
– Enlarge the scope of communication and cooperation between CAPP and the media.
– CAPP needs the forum to address the African peoples on the issues of concern to them.
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