Council of African Political Parties Draft Communiqué of the 7th meeting of the Standing Committee 3-4 September 2016- Rabat-Kingdom of Morocco

The Standing Committee of the Council of African Political Parties meeting in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco in its seventh session, on 3-4 September 2016, kindly hosted by the Justice and Development Party, commends the good Organization and the authentic Moroccan generosity. The Committee commends the efforts undertaken by H.E. Davies Chama   and H.E. Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie to ensure the success of the meeting. After the deliberations on the items on its agenda and the review of the biannual report of the Bodies of the Council and their implementation and the discussion of the action plan framework   for 2017 and the performance reports of the Youth and Women Wings of CAPP and the agenda of the next meeting of the Executive Committee decided the following:-

  1. Adoption of the biannual report of the Council.
  2. Adoption of the Action Plan framework for 2017 as presented by the Chairperson and the General Secretariat and the remarks made during the discussion.
  3. Adoption of the agenda of the Executive Committee as amended during the discussion.
  4. Adoption of the reports of the Youth and Women Wings as presented to the Committee.
  5. To call on the General Secretariat to take reasonable and necessary arrangements to implement these decisions and establish the Economic Council and the Media Forum as soon as possible.

On the other side and on reviewing the political developments in the African Continent and the challenges facing its Countries to establish their democratic institutions and the obstacles that hinder the realization of the integrated economic development of Africa and on looking into the serious threats targeting the security of the peoples and threatening the stability of the Countries, declares the following:-


  1. Calls on all African Political Parties to develop their Democratic practices within their parties and at the National level to strengthen their political stand and to safeguard the democratic assets of the African Countries and the respect of elections results and completion of the democratic institutions.
  2. Condemnation of the foreign interference in the domestic affairs of the African Countries and the attempts to destabilize them and infringe on their sovereignty and institutions and reiterates the decision of the Executive in its meeting in Lusaka not to recognize the International Criminal Court which deliberately targets African heads of State .
  3. Condemnation of all forms of terrorism, violence and organized crime which threaten the stability of the African Continent and its peoples.
  4. Rejects all actions that threaten the unity and territorial integrity of the African Countries and condemns the attempts of the neo-colonialism to disintegrate the Countries and encourage separatist movements.
  5. Upraises the Democratic elections which took place this year in many African Countries
  6. Urges all parties in African Countries facing armed conflicts to reconcile in the interest of their peoples.
  7. Encourages all initiatives to achieve sustained economic development in the Countries of the Continent and overcome  the fragile circumstances and, in this regard, calls to establish the economic Council and develop its performance to achieve its objectives.

Welcoming the decision of the Kingdom of Morocco resume its membership in the African initiations and the removal of all obstacles obstructing is target and commending Morocco for hosting the Cop 22 Conference, the Committee calla on all African Political Parties members of the Council to take necessary measures, within their means to ensure, the success of this international Conference in the African Continent.

The Standing Committee expresses once more its gratitude to the Justice and development party for hosting its seventh session and congratulates its members on the success on this session and commends the efforts undertaken by the Presidency and the General Secretariat to serve the unity and the comprehensive sustained development in Africa.


Done in Rabat on 04 September 2016

Secretary General of the Council of African Political Parties

7th meeting of the standing committee 3-4 September 2016_Rabat, Morocco

Biannual Report of the General Secretariat

  1. This report covers the activities of the Council during the period January _ July 2016. The report outlines the agenda of the meetings of the Bodies of the Council, the decisions taken and their implementation. The General Secretariat also reports on the external participation of CAPP and relations with regional and international organization. The report of the General Secretariat updates contacts and agreements with the African Union and other African organizations.
  2. Firstly: meetings of the Bodies of the Council:-

Upon kind invitation from the National Congress Party, Sudan, Khartoum hosted the 6th meeting of the Standing Committee, the 2nd meeting of Executive Committee and the 2nd meeting of the General Assembly. The Standing Committee held its meeting on 27th of March 2016 and adopted the performance report of 2013, 2014 and 2015 and referred it to the Executive Committee.  The Committee discussed the proposed amendments to the Statute of CAPP and recommended to forward them for more discussion by the Executive Committee. The Committee recommended that CAPP joins the Alliance of Climate and Environment and approved the draft of the Co-operation Agreement with UNESCO and the establishment of the Economic Council and Media Forum of CAPP.

  1. The Executive Committee held its second meeting on the 28th of March 2016 and discussed the proposed amendments of the statute and all the recommendations referred to it by the Standing Committee. The Executive Committee approved some amendments and decided to refer them to the General Assembly. The Executive Committee decided to establish the Economic Council and the Media Forum of CAPP as recommended by the Executive Committee and made some recommendations to boost the administrative and institutional performance of the Council.
  2. The General Assembly held its second meeting on the 29th of March 2016, in which 57 delegates representing 26 Political Parties from 21 countries along with senior leaders of the host country, the representative of the African Union to Sudan and the African Ambassadors in Khartoum. The General Assembly discussed all items on the agenda and adopted the report of the General Secretariat and recommended that the Secretariat organize workshops to discuss issues of interest to Africa.

The General Assembly discussed in detail the proposed amendments to the Statute item by item and introduced some amendments most important of which is the enlargement of the membership of the Standing Committee and the establishment of Regional Coordination Councils. The General Assembly adopted the plan of action Framework for 2016.

The meetings of the Bodies of the Council were very successful with large representation of the Political Parties and contribution in the discussion and decision taking.

Secondly: Cooperation with Regional and International Organization:

  1. The council of African Political Parties Participated actively in the tri-partite meeting of CAPP, ICAPP and COPPPAL held in D’jakarta, Indonesia on 22nd -24th.April 2016.H.E. the Secretary General and representatives of twelve African Political Parties participated in the meeting.
  • The meeting discussed in three sessions issues of political freedoms, enhancement of democracy, climate change, regional problems, conflicts, terrorism, corruption and good governance. Participants in the meeting stressed the importance of cooperation between the three organizations to strengthen democracy and welfare of the peoples which was the theme of the meeting.
  1. E. the Secretary General of CAPP presided one of the three sessions and organized a meeting to coordinate between African delegations. H.E. the Secretary General held meeting with the President of Golkar party and the Democratic Party of Indonesia, who co-hosted the meeting .H.E. the Secretary General also met Mrs. Helga Steven, member of the European Parliament, and briefed her on the activities of the Council since its establishment in 2013 and they discussed areas of cooperation between the Council and European Parties.
  2. The final communiqué stressed the need to hold regular meetings and the establishment of a mechanism to co-ordinate the tripartite cooperation as a flashback for the Bandung conference held between Asia and Africa in the fifties of the last century.

The participation of the Council of African Political Parties with many Political Parties reflected the keenness of CAPP to play its role at continent level.

  1. Thirdly :Joint training program of Youth and Women Wings:27th June – 6th July 2016:-

The Council organized in co-operation with China a training program for 16 young men and women from thirteen English speaking Countries. The program included lectures on the State and the Party in China, Chinese African relations Party structure discipline and experience of the Party in the upward build-up the Party. The program included field visits to rural development areas within the program of poverty alleviation. The program also included training of Youth in Politics in the institutions of the Party and professional training. The next training program in China will be from French Speaking Countries.

Fourthly: Relations with the African Union Participation in the 26th Summit of the A.U:

  1. The Council participated as observer in the 26th Summit of the African Union held in Addis Ababa on 26 – 31 January 2016 in accordance with the Memorandum of understanding signed between the two Parties in August 2013. The delegation was headed by H.E. the Secretary General and held meetings with officials at the African Union. Summary of the conclusions of these meetings are as follows:-

1/Political Affairs Department and elections:

  1. The Director of the Political Affairs department agreed to the following proposals presented by the General Secretariat:
  2. Endorse the list of observers to elections in Africa of the Council provided that the C.V including the educational qualifications and experience.
  3. Training of observers of the Council in a program funded by the A.U.
  4. Assist in capacity building of Political Parties to implement the African charter on good governance, elections, human rights and rule of constitution and law. The General Secretariat looks forward to receiving the vision of the AU on this matter.


2/Department of Human Rights:-

  1. The Council and A.U will intensify contacts to agree on the participation of political parties in workshops of the A.U to implement the African Charter on human rights.
  2. Organization of a joint workshop on the participation of Political Parties in the implementation of the African Charter on the Rule of law, good governance and human rights for African Political Parties.
  3. The representative of the African Union made full presentation on the declaration of 2016 as the year of human rights with special emphasis on women rights on the margin of the General Assembly of CAPP.

To boost cooperation between the Council and the African Union, the General Secretariat is planning a visit to the A.U Commissioner of political Affairs.

3/ the Peace and Security Council:-

  1. The Commissioner of the Peace and Security Council agreed to cooperation with Political Parties in the prevention of conflicts that relate to contesting election results. Both Parties will consult on how they can cooperate on issue:

Fifthly: Observation of elections in Uganda:

  1. Upon invitation from the African Union, the assistant to the Secretary General of CAPP participated in the observation mission of the elections in Uganda on 18-19 February 2016. Arrangements made by the A.U were very good including selection of observers from representatives of African Ambassadors accredited to the A.U Pan-African Parliament, election commissions in some African Countries and civil society organizations.

Sixthly: Relations with the Pan African Parliament and Regional and African Parliaments:-

  1. 1/Pan African Parliament:-

H.E. the Secretary General visited the Pan African parliament and delivered a statement to explain the objectives of the Council and its activities. A meeting was held with the president of the parliament and the president of the Pan African parliament later visited the premises of the Council in Khartoum and agreed with the Secretary General of CAPP to sign a memorandum of understanding in Egypt in October 2016.

2/Parliament of the Great lakes:

The Assistant of the Secretary General participated in the activities of the parliamentary Forum of the region of the Great Lakes, namely the meeting of the Development and natural resources held in Khartoum, Sudan in April 2016. He was elected president of the Forum for one year. In this Framework a workshop on the use of natural resources for economic development was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

3/Meeting with the Kenyan parliament delegation:

H.E. the Secretary General met the Kenyan parliamentary delegation in visit to Khartoum, Sudan. It was agreed to strengthen the objectives of the Council in Parliaments to achieve solidarity to free the will of the continent.

Seventhly: Media and the Website:

  • The Media:

The department of media arranged media coverage for activities of the Secretariat which included for the period covered by this report the media coverage of the meetings of the Standing and Executive Committees and the General Assembly held in Khartoum 27 -29th March 2016.


  1. the Website :-

The website of the Council has been developed prior to the meetings of the Bodies of the Council and served to :-

  • Extend invitations and post all the documents of the above meetings.
  • Live coverage of the deliberations of the General Assembly session and website update from inside the General Assembly including pictures, Statements, Videos of the General Assembly.
  • Coverage of the lecture of the African Union on human and Peoples rights and its dissemination through the website in Audio and Video.
  • Posting of the documents of the Council signed by H.E. the President of the Council on the link- documents the Council in three languages they are:-
  • Statute 2016.
  • Rule of the Youth Wing.
  • Rule of the Women Wing
  • New links were added to the website one for the Youth Wing and the second for the Women Wing.
  • Regular coverage on the website of the activities of CAPP and meetings of the Secretary General and Statements issued by the General Secretariat.






The Council of African Political Parties is a non-governmental organization established by 47 African Political Parties in the constitutive conference held in Khartoum, Sudan on 27/28 April 2013.

  • The Objectives:-
  • The Council acts as vehicle of cooperation and coordination between the Political Parties.
  • Promote the culture of peace and the settlement of conflicts through peaceful means.
  • The fight against poverty.
  • Bodies of the Council:
  1. Standing Committee composed of 10 members + the President of the Council + Secretary General of the Council; the Committee meets twice a year.
  2. The Executive Committee, 30 members, old its meeting once a year.
  3. The General Assembly, conference is open to two Parties with the biggest representation in their Parliaments holds it’s meeting every four years.
  4. The General Secretariat is composed of the Secretary General, deputy S.G and four assistants:
  • Assistant to the S.G for the African Organizations.
  • Assistant to the S.G for the international and regional organizations.
  • Assistant to the S.G for the Parties and wings.
  • Assistant e to the S.G for the non-gouvernemental organisations.
  • The Secretariat staff.
  1. The regional coordination Councils .

Wings of the Council :

  • Youth Wing.
  • Women Wing.

Specialized branches :-

  • The Economic Council .
  • The Media Forum .

The International and regional relations the Council has cooperation with :

  • African Union .
  • Pan-African Parliament .
  • Council of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) .
  • the Latin American and Caribbean Political Parties (COPPPAL) .
  • UNESCO .
  • Climate and Ecological Alliance .




1/ دول الجنوب الأفريقي :

جنوب أفريقيا – زمبابوي – زامبيا – موزمبيق – بتسوانا – انجولا – ناميبيا – ليسوتو – ملاوي – مدغشقر وسوازيلاند.

عدد الدول                          11 دولة

عدد دول العضوية                 10 دول

لاتوجد أحزاب سياسية في سوازيلاند

عدد الأحزاب الأعضاء       16 حزباً

Zimbabwe African National Union ZANU-PF Zimbabwe
Movement for Democratic Change- MDC-T Zimbabwe
Patriotic Front PF Zambia
Movement for multi-party democracy Zambia
Liberation Front of Mozambique FREMILO Mozambique
Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo-UE) Mozambique
Botswana Democratic Party Botswana
Umbrella for Democratic Change Botswana
Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola Angola
National Union for the Total Independence Angola
People’s Organization (SWAPO)South West Africa Namibia
Democratic Progressive Party Malawi
Malawi Congress Party Malawi
I love Madagascar Madagascar
Monima Party Madagascar




2/دول الشمال الأفريقي :  

مصر – ليبيا – تونس – الجزائر – المغرب – موريتانيا

عدد الدول                        6 دول

عدد دول العضوية              5 دول

لاتوجد عضوية من مصر

عدد الأحزاب                  8 أحزاب

Nidaa Tounes Tunisia
Al- Nahda Party Tunisia
Justice and Development party Morocco
Independence Party Morocco
Algerian Liberation Front Algeria
Unity for the Republic Party Mauritania
National Forces Alliance Libya
Building and Development Party Libya


3/دول الوسط الأفريقي :

تشاد – الكاميرون – الكنغو الديمقراطية – جمهورية الكنغو – غينيا الإستوائية – القابون – بورندي – أفريقيا الوسطى

عدد دول الإقليم                            8 دول

عدد دول العضوية                         7 دول

لاتوجد عضوية في أفريقيا الوسطى

عدد الأحزاب                                  9 أحزاب

Mouvement Patriotique de Salut Tchad
RDP Tchad
Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement Cameroon
Union for Democracy and Social Progress Congo DRC
Congolese Labor Party Congo Brazzaville
Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea Guinea   Equatorial
CNDD Burundi
Gabonese Democratic Party Gabon


4/دول شرق أفريقيا :

اريتريا – اثيوبيا – كينيا – يوغندا – تنزانيا – الصومال – جزر القمر –جيبوتي – رواندا – موريشص – سيشل – جنوب السودان – السودان .

عدد دول الإقليم             13 دولة

عدد دول العضوية          13 دولة

عدد الأحزاب                23 حزباً

People’s Front for Democracy and Justice Eritrea
Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Dem. Front Ethiopia
Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Kenya
The National Alliance (TNA) Kenya
National Resistance Movement Uganda
Forum For Demogratic Change Uganda
C.C.M party Tanzania
Party For Democracy and Progress Tanzania
Somalia Islamic party Somalia
Peace and Equality party Somalia
Union for the Development of the Comoros Comoros
Juwa Party Comoros
People’s Rally for Progress Djibouti
Rwandan Patriotic Front Rwanda
Social Democratic Prty Rwanda
Alliance of the Future (Alliance de L’Aveni) Mauritius
Alliance for the Heart Mauritius
Seychelles People’s Progressive Front Seychelles
SPLM South Sudan
SPLM-Democratic Change South Sudan
Democratic Unionist Party Sudan
NCP Sudan


5/دول غرب أفريقيا :

بنين – غانا – سيراليون – نيجيريا – السنغال – مالي – بوركينا فاسو – النيجر – كوت ديفوار – غينيا بيساو – توجو – غامبيا – ليبيريا – غينيا كوناكري –ساوتومي وبرنسيب- جزر الرأس الأخضر.

عدد دول الإقليم           16 دولة

عدد دول العضوية         14 دولة

لاتوجد عضوية من ساوتومي وبرنسيب ، جزر الرأس الأخضر

عدد الأحزاب              27 حزباً

Cauri Forces for an Emerging Benin Benin
Union Makes the Nation Benin
National Democratic Congress  NDC Ghana
New Patriotic Party NPP Ghana
All People’s Congress Sierra Leon
Sirra Leon Peoples Party (SLPP) Sierra Leon
All Progressives Congress (APC) Nigeria
People’s Democratic Party Nigeria
Alliance  pour la Republique Senegal
Alliance des Force de Progress Senegal
Rally for Mali Mali
Union For the Republic and Democracy(URD) Mali
People’s Movement for Progress Burkina Faso
Union for Progress and Reform Burkina Faso
Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism Niger
MNSD Niger
Rally of the Republicans Cote D’Ivore
Democratic Party of Cote D’Ivore Cote D’Ivore
African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde Guinea Bissau
Party for Social Renewal Guinea Bissau
Union for the Republic (UNIR) Togo
Save Togo Collective Togo
Alliance For Reorientation and Construction Gambia
Unity Party Liberia
Congress for Democratic Change Liberia
Rally of the Guinean People Guinea Conakry
Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea UFDG Guinea Conakry

From : CAPP Secretariat

From : CAPP Secretariat
ICAPP will hold it general assembly in 1 – 4 sept 2016, Parties are invited to attend. Document are attached and for more information please visit the website :

To: All African Political Parties

African political parties join hands to tackle key challenges

Meetings of the General Assembly of the Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) kicked off Tuesday in Sudanese capital Khartoum with participations from over 40 African countries.
Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, Sudanese Presidential Assistant and Deputy Chairman of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), said at the opening session that the CAPP’s general assembly represents an all-inclusive body for all African people as the parties constitute one of the most important civil society organizations.
“We reiterate permanent support for the unity, stability and security of the African continent as well as the strong ties among the African governments and peoples,” he noted.
CAPP President Davies Chama reiterated the importance of uniting all the political entities in Africa to face the current political and economic challenges.
“We need to rally to achieve, not only political and economical emancipation, but also peace and prosperity in our ever changing and complex environment,” he said.
The meetings of the general assembly is convened by the CAPP in cooperation with Sudan’s ruling NCP, under the patronage of the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.
The meetings are to discuss establishment of an economic council, an information forum and joining a climate and environment alliance, particularly after the CAPP has built strong partnerships with the Asian and Latin continents to stable world political relations and boost the democratic process. Endit

Africa: Prof. Omer to Address CAPP General Assembly Meeting

Khartoum — Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer will address, Tuesday , meeting of General Assembly of the Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) in its second convocation
The meeting , which will be held under the theme” Towards United and Prosperous Africa.” will held under the auspices of President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir.
The CAPP Chairperson said in press conference at Salam Rotana Hotel, Sunday, that the meeting will discuss performanc3e of the Council during the years(2012-2013, 2013-20-14, review of the Council statute, effectiveness , and possibility of widening the participation.
Chairperson of the Women Wing at the Council , Professor Mrs Ramatu Tijani Aliyu affirmed her keenness to find opportunities on capacity building for African women, referring to visit she paid to China recently in this connection.